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Never Stop Learning

Whether you graduated last year or 30 years ago - it's never too soon (or too late) to add to your education. Regardless of your profession, there is always room for more information, new ways of thinking, and different ways to do things.I was fortunate to attend a...

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Buzzwords: Don’t Get Stung

When it comes to language - every business has its own words. Whether you are in education, marketing, banking, retail, non-profit, or any other field, you are bound to come across words that are industry-specific, sometimes trite, and (if not already) eventually...

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Writing Better Email

Love it or hate it, electronic communication is here to stay. If anything - it will become more prolific rather than less so. But we can do our part to abate the junk mail, provide information, and still be effective.Here are a few tips that will help your email be...

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Let Employees Do Their Jobs

Is turnover crazy in your office? Do you find that people seem unsatisfied - or worse, actually unhappy in their jobs? There are many reasons that employees find themselves unhappy at work. Some of them are out of our control - but many things can be done to help. The...

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