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Falling Into Business

I'm often asked how I started my business. I would love to tell you a story about how I did a ton of research, met with mentors, found advisors, wrote a perfect business plan, crafted an amazing marketing plan, and launched according to a timeline all neatly written...

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There is safety in numbers. And power. And ideas. It's easy to hide...and to find an audience. And sometimes it's just plain fun.In the last few weeks, I have seen many different forms of crowdsourcing on Facebook. Some of it humorous. Some of it heartbreaking. All of...

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Finding Focus

Focus. As an entrepreneur it is vital – and often the most difficult thing to achieve. I like to think I look like I’ve got it all together, but I know the truth. In my brain all the tabs are open all the time.I sit down in front of my laptop prepared to begin a...

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Don’t Panic

Don't Panic! These words do little to help when something goes wrong. Your instinct IS to panic.Everyone who has ever owned a website, social media account, or email address has, at some point in time, had a moment of sheer terror: the white screen of death, a...

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